Welcome to Indigo money

Finance is not as simple as it was years ago. The lenders criteria has tightened up and strategy and research are now the most important part of sourcing finance.

With this said lenders have never been more competitive and keen to win your business. There are many loans out there, and most are more competitive than your current one (if you already have one that is).

At Indigo Money we get to know your situation and goals first and then find you the most suitable loan, interest rate and fees to allow you to do what you need now without impacting what you have planned for the future.

At the core of Indigo Money is Indigo Wealth our financial advice business, so your experience with us is more about finance planning than a pure transaction.

If you would like the benefit of our financial planning skills to be applied to your loan requirements just complete the “Talk to a Finance Manager ” form and we can have a no cost, no obligation chat about your finances.

Chris Morris Dip. fs (fp),
Director / Principal Finance Manager
ACL: 393993